You Gotta Start Somewhere

The Kingdom of Borsia

Making a map reveals so much more than where the mountains turn into hills and where rivers meet the sea.  Every mark, every curve and every color opens up the possibility of “a happening.” When a river ends in a lake beside a mountain the ecosystem practically screams for some monumental event to have taken place there; and once I’ve drawn out the circumstances of the busy spaces, all those empty spaces start to scream for attention.  Why is that there? and how come there’s nothing there? Then, inevitably, my mind wanders beyond the edges of the page and the story unfolds.

ep002 – You Gotta Start Somewhere (Chasing Goats)

In the live-play section of this episode (15:00) the party decides to follow a renegade kobold deeper into the caves and meets up with a formidable group of trained kobolds and engages them in comkobold pikerbat.


Kobolds old and new.

A Beginning

PH barroom brawl

This here is the maiden voyage of what I hope to be a lasting endeavor- an epic journey.  After being away from Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years, I have returned to find what at first glance appears to be a whole new game; it is, in fact, the very same thing that I enjoyed so much, so long ago.  D&D is, at its core, exactly what you hope it to be- exactly what you make it.  So I hope to make it into something that others can enjoy alongside me.  This is a podcast, I don’t think I will ever be a blogger- but I can do the podcasting thing, so download the file and have a listen at your leisure, and if you care to join the conversation, please feel free.

BND001 A Beginning (Enter the Kobold Lair)

The “BND” series is using the 4th edition ruleset. The Pearl episodes mark the beginning of D&D Next and evolves into 5th edition as the playbooks are released. Enjoy!