Brave New Dungeon 4e

Here is a convenient place, where you can DownLoad the LivePlay campaign of the 4th edition campaign – the one that started it all- Brave New Dungeon.

*right click & save individual shows below, and subscribe to the rss feed by clicking here —–> Brave New Dungeon Feed

BND048 – Dwarfs! and More Dwarfs!
BND047 – The Heat is On
BND046 – Lizards & Lurkers
BND045 – I Choose You
BND044 – Hot Doggie Deux
BND043 – Hot Dogs
BND041 – Bats
BND040 – What’s the Plan, Kool Aid Man?
BND039 – The Council of Internal Operations
BND038 – Nefarious Plans
BND037 – Fight Fire with Fire
BND036 – Friend or Foe?
BND035 – Slugging It Out With the Magma Man
BND034 – Don’t Touch the Shiny
BND033 – Blowing Dailies
BND032 – The Hjardir Ogar
BND031 – As the Worm Turns
BND030 – I Need to See a Man About a Worm
BND029 – Sorry, Thought You Were A Minion
BND028 – Can Dwarfs Float?
BND027 – Alone in a Maze
BND026 – The Boys at the Bottom of the Sea
BND025 – Does This Taste Like Magic to You?
BND024 – 10,000 Dwarves Under the Sea
BND023 – Leviathan
BND022 – Going to a Fish Fry
BND021 – Open The Damn Door!
BND020 – Is That Your Sword?
BND019 – Le’Enoris
BND018 – Party Peepers
BND017 – Up and Out of the Mines
BND016 – Down and Out In the Mines
BND015 – Down In the Mines
BND014 – Rolling the Bones
BND013 – There’s Too Many of Them, Or Not
BND012 – Run Away!
BND010 – Shhh!
BND009 – Hungry Like the Wolf
BND008 – Return to Rydern
BND007 – chasing the dragon
BND006 – hello dragon
BND005 – you got mad skillz bro
BND004 – Fekbet, friend…?
ep003 – Kobold In Your Face
ep002 – You Gotta Start Somewhere (Chasing Goats)
BND001 A Beginning (Enter the Kobold Lair)

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