Oiyn Hamyl

Here be the collected episodes of the boys from Oiyn Hamyl (and the hat).

The Characters:

Santiago the Human Fighter
Sturm the Dwarf Cleric
Ricky Wrinklebottom the Gnome Fighter
Faelen Aedius the Wood Elf Monk
Alborn Liadon the High Elf Wizard
Leshanna Sianmodel the Drow Warlock
Malidar Guthrui the Wood Elf Cleric


Oiyn Hamyl 013
Oiyn Hamyl 012

Oiyn Hamyl 011

Oiyn Hamyl 010

Oiyn Hamyl 009
Oiyn Hamyl 008
Oiyn Hamyl 007
Oiyn Hamyl 006
Oiyn Hamyl 005
Oiyn Hamyl 004
Oiyn Hamyl 003
Oiyn Hamyl 002
Oiyn Hamyl 001

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