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Shadowvale 001

What’s this? I set my DM Guide to the side after having it for only a few weeks and put my fate in the hands and mind of another! I was fortunate enough to play in a “One Shot” with DM Jory. He agreed to my request of publishing our game on the podcast, and he sat down and talked with me for a bit about his first experience DMing 5th Edition. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Funes Borghieri, the human Sorcerer
Funes Borghieri, the human Sorcerer

Shadowvale 001

DM Talk 01

Episode 42 

Glennish and I sit down and do some talking about D&D.

The new campaign will begin in April and here’s a link to the roll20 character application page. Have a look, if you can make the time (Saturday nights, once or maybe twice a month, at 8pm Pacific) then throw your dice in the ring.

Here’s a summary of the setting for the campaign:

The Pearl at Roll20

No need to make a character sheet now, I’m looking for character proposals- we can get the numbers later. Please be as detailed as you can and want, don’t hold back.

You can submit 2 characters if you like (only one will play though)
What I need from you:
Name and Age:
Family members (living and/or dead):

I’ve provided some information below, feel free to include it in your application, and to embellish.
If you have the Next playtest package rules available to you, it might be helpful to look over some of the backgrounds and skills. This might help you to develop your character.

 a small fishing village in the northern most part of the Kingdom of Borthunn
pop. ~300 mostly humans, some halflings and dwarfs, and a handful of elves, half-elves, half-orcs and gnomes.You have lived in the small fishing village, Lassaran, all your life (all the players), you all know each other, and each others families, and most everything about everyone else in the village. Create your own back-story with this in mind. I can supply you with some names of other townsfolk. But feel free to make up some of your own. The village is situated on the coast of Borthunn, a large kingdom- 99% of which you have almost no clue (this can be adjusted for those of you with the appropriate skill- history, cartographer, religion possibly) The village (as is the kingdom) is somewhat integrated: 87% human, 6% halfling, 3% elf, and 1% each of dwarf, half-elf, gnome, and half-orc. These are the races you will choose from for your characters. I would like everyone to really take a moment and consider your character and their role in the village. We can create a back-story that is appropriate for any class you’d like to play.The ocean supplies an abundance of food for the village; the larger fish are easier to catch and comprise the bulk of the haul. But there are a small variety of more popular items that are much more difficult to obtain. Of course the bulk of the economy revolves around fishing.The shellfish that attach themselves to the rocks at the bottom of the bay are a delicacy and they sometimes (very rarely) produce small pearls that are somewhat valuable. Only the bravest and heartiest fisherman can dive to the depths where these shellfish live.There is also a species of much smaller fish, the Darsiane fish, that are extremely quick and travel in medium size schools, they are almost invisible but if the sun reflects off them just right their color is prismatic and stunning. Fisherman that are extremely skilled with nets and have the keen eyesight and patience to gather these fish are often rewarded with a good haul. The meat of these fish is a delicacy, and produce a feeling of calm and tranquility in the consumer.

The village has a wooden wall surrounding it and a militia led by the town constable, Obyn Farneth.
The land surrounding Lassaran is forested and hilly, wild game is abundant and the favored prey is wild boar, which tend to grow quite large in this part of the country.

To the North-west of Lassaran are the ruins of an old keep, from a time before the 3 Kingdoms, it is set in the cliffs of Morro Bay- a days journey from Lassaran. The Keep is said to be haunted, and all the townsfolk steer clear of it. Fifty years earlier a small band of goblins had used it as a base and conducted raids on the village, a small band of villagers went up and never returned, but the raids also ended. To the North-east, a days journey away, is Augendown, the town on the twin lakes. (see map below to get an idea of scale for the Kingdom)

There is not a lot of trade in Lassaran, it is a mostly self-sufficient village. Once a month, or so, a caravan of goods will leave Lassaran for Augendown and perhaps once a month a caravan from Augendown will visit Lassaran. Merchant boats will occasionally make port in Lassaran, and once in a long while a larger caravan of merchants will pass through coming from the distant mostly unknown cities of the far North traveling down to the capital city of Borthunn.

Most of the young people in the village feel that if there were a bright center to the Three Kingdoms- Lassaran would be the furthest point from it.

Notable NPCs:
The village constable, Obyn Farneth
There is a tavern/Inn, The Knotted Net, owned by Noch Janovik and his wife Margera
There is a smithy, owned by Danel Karp and his wife, Sapphira
There is a general store owned by Jenk Hershberg most people just call it Jenk’s Place
A Ranger Cobb Gerardt sells his goods in the market and rents a room from the blacksmith Danel Karp

There is an old medicine lady outside of town, Vermelda Mandrake
The town has a healer, Alysan Esniak and her apprentice, Arlen DerkeThe council: Bailey Hobman, Jenk Hershberg, Obyn Farneth, Doiartu Alderimei, Elayne McGrathDoiartu Alderimei is a kind halfling woman, her husband is a fisherman
Elayne McGrath is a widow with money that has taken it upon herself to educate as many children as she can, most of you would have received some schooling from her at some point in your lives.